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ASD Life ABA Therapy is devoted to providing high quality services. We provide center based & in-home ABA therapy, diagnostic services, collaboration with the individual’s school and other teams, as well as provide support for the individual and their family. We believe in your child's growth and development. We strive to advocate for you and your child to have a higher quality of life.

We favor team approaches. We communicate with schools, attend IEP meetings, and communicate with other therapies, such as speech therapy (SLP) and occupational therapy (OT) collaboratively to maximize the benefit to the child. We listen to parents’ needs and we work hard to enhance the entire family's dynamics so that the individual with Autism can participate more effectively with his/her family and community.


We strive to provide maximum effort and highest level support to meet the needs of our clients and their families, and reach many milestones in ABA Therapy.

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- I have really enjoyed having my daughter receive therapy services at ASD Life. She gets to have sessions at the center and gives her the opportunity to see others and interact with others. I have found the services to be wonderful and very helpful for my daughter. The staff is so understanding and flexible with our schedule as well. The staff care so much about her and her progress. -
- My son has been receiving therapy services with ASD Life for three years. We have seen so much improvement in his behaviors and language since beginning therapy, and has been doing an amazing job. We love the center and he loves going there. The staff are so friendly and accommodating, and they make sure he has a convenient and full schedule. They are also very flexible with us whenever we need to change the schedule. They all help so much as well as help with speaking with his school to make sure he does well in all areas. We are eager to follow his plan and watch him progress more and more. -
- Our son has been receiving ABA services at ASD Life for three years. He did not attend school and only had ABA therapy. We really appreciated that he had a center to attend for therapy for some of his days, to give him another environment to learn in, and better prepare when he starts school. He has started full time school this year and him having therapy the past few years has really helped with this transition. We have watched him progress so much and hit many milestones. His speech and language has developed a lot as well. Most helpful thing is his improvement with listening to instructions. Overall the center and the staff are all wonderful and so caring and supportive. -
- Our daughter received home therapy services from ASD Life aba therapy. We appreciate the flexibility of this as she has full time school and is able to have therapy right in the home after school time. This allows her to have extra activities after school and stay productive. She also receives services on weekends when we prefer to do so, and this is a great opportunity for her to have something productive to do when there is no school as well. She has been in therapy for 5 years now with ASD Life and we have observed so many positive changes and progress. -

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We believe in your child's growth and development. We strive to help you and your child have a higher quality of life.


For many of our families, English may not be the primary language spoken at home. ASD Life has Spanish and Arabic speaking staff available as translators during meetings as needed and when requested, as well as bi-lingual therapists for your child.


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Frequently Asked Questions

ASD Life ABA Therapy offers diagnostic evaluations, in-home and center based ABA therapy, as well as support for the client and their families. Contact the office today for more information on diagnostic evaluations or ABA therapy.

For ABA therapy services: 2 years - 18 years

For Diagnostic Evaluations: minimum 2 years of age and higher (no limit)

Reach out to our office and we will be happy to assist you. The first step is to fill out insurance forms and verify benefits. We have a little to no wait time for setting up appointments.

For diagnostic services, we accept most insurances including public aid/state funded insurances.

For ABA services, we accept most major insurances. Please see our insurances accepted section on our website to find out if we take your insurance, or reach out to our office today to find out more information



At ASD Life ABA Therapy we are always seeking talented and passionate people looking for a career in autism therapy, to join our growing team. We are committed to your professional growth and development from day one. We want to provide you with a long-term career path in the ABA field, specializing in autism therapy. We want to help you achieve your career goals while loving what you are doing, so that ASD Life ABA Therapy is a better place for our clients, their families, and you! At ASD Life ABA Therapy we are always looking to recruit the brightest and best ABA Therapy talent. To find out more please contact us at [email protected] or call our office at 708-586-2604


We accept most major insurance companies. Contact us today and we will help you find out what benefits you are eligible for.

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